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MetalRec industrial, S.L. Sale of Scrap Metal

MetalRec industrial, S.L. is a company which provides services essentially to the purchase and sale of scrap metal.

The company’s main activity, the collection of scrap metal, mainly in the area of Ribera de Navarra, where the central headquarters are situated, but scrap produced in other areas of Spain and internationally is also collected and operations are carried out in the American and African markets.

MetalRec adheres to the Non-Dangerous Residues Agent title GNP/73/NA/2008, an indispensable requirement for the development of this activity inside the national territory.

MetalRec lends special services to demolition businesses, collaborating with these in the handling and collecting of metallic materials generated, mainly, in large demolitions.

MetalRec offers the best prices on the market and a high level of competitiveness, which clearly is as beneficial to clients as to the suppliers of scrap, metals and demolitions.

MetalRec - Specialists in Demolitions and Scrap Yards


MetalRec - Sale of Scrap in the International Market

Ctra. Espartosa, s/n, Falces (Navarra) Spain · Tel.: (0034) 942.857.026